Friday, 13 April 2012

12 April Stage 3 Europort (Rotterdam) - Eck en Wiel

Dep  0920    Arr  1630     Dist  126km     Ave  18.8    On bike  6hrs49 mins

Rotterdam docks were great. The cycle path was brilliant and I made good time. I was advised not to go that way because it wasn't very pretty but I enjoyed it. Massive barges carrying huge loads, industrial plants and steam and tankers and containers and people working. I was tootling along on a cycle path with a local road alongside and a six lane motorway the other side. I then negotiated the suburbs ok but only because I had checked it out on google maps. The middle part of the day was fantastic. Again wide paths alongside main roads with endless flat fields either side. A bit boring but good for churning the kilos out. I then found some trouble. I had bought 5 Mb of internet usage from Virginmobile expecting it to be ok for the tracking but when I took a wrong turn in Leerdam and checked my location on my phone the whole lot was nearly wiped out. This depressed me because I thought I had it all arranged for the tracking but it wasn't to be. It rained for the last hour so I arived wet at the camp which was basically a small front garden. There was a room where I could sort stuff out but it was a bit cold. I had a decent shower and ate my noodles and had an early night.

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