Tuesday, 10 April 2012

10 April Stage 1. Wigan - Denby Dale

Dep 1052      Arr 1608      Dist 81.4 km       Ave 19.1 kph       On bike 4 hr 13 min      Beard 0.2mm

We had a fantastic send off. A big thanks to all who waved me off. Sorry I couldn't turn round and acknowledge but I would have fallen off.

George had biked it over from Ormskirk and got quite wet in the process so we were expecting more. We were all set and decided to go a bit earlier than the planned at 11.00. I was worried about internet usage so only sent beacons out every 20 mins. I shouldn't have been worried because I have plenty of Mbs available in this country. Anyway the track did work on Shareyouradventure. There should also be a more detailed track on another website named Viewranger. We made good progress to the other side of Oldham without any real rain and with a slight tailwind. Saddleworth is a lonely place and I could only manage just above walking pace for 6 km or so but I made it over the top OK. It was difficult but I felt a hand pushing me along every now and then. Steve came out to meet us near New Mill and brought us in to the real pie town. I remember being a lot more tired the first time we did this trip so the training has borne fruit. We are out for a pint soon - proper recovery drink - and then back for some scran, as they say over here. One down, only 40 odd more to go.

Today's route

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  1. Well done over the "Alpe D'Heuz" of the Pennines. Went up yesterday to paint KELLY on the road on the way up to the summit but the rain must have washed it off:-)
    It's all downhill from here - honest.

    Enjoy your pint!